Mixology Custom Cocktail Service

Custom Cocktails for Your Event or Party: Marsha brings a professional and detailed approach to every event. Be it an intimate Event or a Corporate Conference, a Product Launch, a Fundraiser, a Birthday Party, a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party your Wedding;  The Natural Mixologist can meet your individual needs. Providing friendly service, a sustainable approach, impeccable knowledge, and a genuine passion that brings an exciting and fun element to any event.

Contact us today to get your very own personalized Custom Crafted Organic Cocktail in Los Angeles & beyond!

Cocktail Classes: The Private cocktail class experience is a fun and hands-on experience where you and your guests are guided through the background and concepts of mixology and cocktail making while sampling your creations. Learn how to make some classic cocktails with a modern twist.

These classes are customizable and are great for a Private Party or for Corporate Team Building.

Classes are private, for you and your guests or team, and are held in your own location – your home or office. If you do need a venue, we can help you find one.

Classes are typically 2 hours. This includes a Welcome Cocktail (its exciting and like nothing you’ve had before), then we will walk you through 4 classic & updated cocktails (which you will be able to taste), and you will get to make 2 full cocktails or more if you prefer (which you will be able to drink – and maybe compare to see who has done the best!)

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Additional Cocktail Classes Include:

Cocktail Making & Team Building Class { Edutainment! }
Incorporating team building curriculum utilizing cocktail making as the focus. We use a “Chopped” TV style competition. And cheers the winning team. Perfect for Corporate Team Building

Sip & Stretch
Mindfulness & Stretching, and Conscientious Cocktails, How to Make Healthy Choices

Shake & Stretch
Yoga and Conscientious Cocktail Class, How to Make the Healthiest Cocktails

Shimmy & Shake
Burlesque Dancing and Cocktail Making Class in a professional dance studio in Los Angeles. You will learn some striking moves and then we will shake up some amazing cocktails!
This cocktail making and dance class is perfect for a Birthday or Bachelorette Party.

Advanced Cocktail/Mixology Classes:
Bitters: Understanding & Making Bitters
Tasting & Spirit Education

Beverage Consulting: The Natural Mixologist has worked with several major beverage industry brands on numerous marketing campaigns creating cocktails that best showcase the product to reach their target market. She can help you reach your consumers through brand consultation; creative product and cocktail development for beverage companies; and programs for hotels, bars and restaurants, and events. We have serviced clients in LA Los Angeles, SF San Francisco, NYC New York, Chicago, Hawaii, Sedona Arizona, Orange County, & Las Vegas!!

Marsha specializes in creating craft cocktails that are classically inspired and updated with modern & molecular techniques and exceptional ingredients, especially superfoods.

She learned the tricks of the trade in London and NYC and is continuing to perfect her skills in Los Angeles, LA, San Francisco, Orange County, Seattle, NYC, and beyond. She was inspired by the Farm-to-Table movement in London. It’s that natural, sustainable way of thinking that influences her approach to cocktails.

We work with many reputable and curated providers:
Elayne Sawaya, our catering concierge, at (213) 999-5856, esawaya@gmail.com
Slow Weddings Network, Local – Mindful – Passionate – Professional https://www.slowweddingsnetwork.org/
Pink Salt Cuisine, Elevated & inspired plant based cuisine, https://www.pinksaltcuisine.com/

Mixology I thrive on creativity and passion.

This is especially true in the kitchen where I really get to be experimental and expressive with what I love: healthy and fresh ingredients. I have always felt that the enthusiasm we have for healthy eating should not stop on our plate but should translate to our cocktail glass as well. Cocktails can be natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO & sustainable, too.
I have been cooking my whole life. One of my first memories is that of my great grandmother teaching me to knead dough. For me the transition from creating with food to crafting with spirits is a natural one, allowing me to use fresh, exciting ingredients to enliven the senses and palate.