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Old Fashioned – The Classic

There is debate as to when the Old Fashioned was invented – but no debate that it is experiencing a revival.  And for good reason, the Old Fashioned is simple and so tasty.  With our current love of brown spirits, being able to make a proper Old Fashioned is a necessary and appreciated skill.

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Made of sugar, bitters, water, whiskey, citrus peel, and ice – the variations are endless.  Muddling cherries and/or oranges was a trend that I personally am not fond of.  However, swapping rye for bourbon or whiskey is an excellent way to experiment.  I also like playing
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The Daiquiri – Love or Loathe it? I say LOVE IT!

We have all had the frozen, sweet concoction that is called a daiquiri. But that is not what a daiquiri is meant to be. A true daiquiri is a classic: elegant, timeless, and perfect for almost every occasion.

Watch how to make the daiquiri here…

The classic daiquiri is made of rum, lime, and sugar — as simple as that. However, it’s the details that make this drink so special. Let’s start with the Limes. In Hemingway’s day , who was known for loving his daiquiri, Key Limes  were used, not the Persian Lime that we find at grocery stores today. The Key Lime was grown in the Florida Key’s but the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

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