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Celebuzz Cocktail Hour: Ride The Mule featuring Penthouse Whiskey Tequila from The Natural Mixologist

Date : March 23, 2016

The Celebuzz and SpinMedia offices had the pleasure of enjoying a tasting from Marsha Meyer, the founder of The Natural Mixologist.

We sipped (some of us guzzled) the Ride the Mule which featured Penthouse Whiskey Tequila, which may sound like an odd combo, but the cocktail was simply delicious! The secret ingredient was the Essential Zest (more on that in a bit).

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Fashion Week LA



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OC Fair Website Image

The OC Fair

Marsha Meyers, The Natural Mixologist for A-list celebrities & high end mixologist bars

August 5th, 2016

Craft cocktails have really made a comeback over the last few years. If you have a fan in your group of friends or family, this is your opportunity to meet Marsha. She will be teaching all about aromatic bitters — they’re making a fashionable comeback.

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Tasting Panel Mag April 2016 Marting Miller

Tasting Panel Magazine

Martin Miller Cocktail Competition

April 2016

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Tasting Panel SF Speed Tasting May 2015 (2)

Bourbon & Barbecue

Date : May 2015

Tasting Panel’s Speed Tasting Report at San Francisco’s TRICK DOG (Jame’s Beard Nominated).
Eat This: Pulled Pork Sandwich – organic pork slow cooked 18 hours in a sauce of cherry wood-smoked bacon, with a base of Lexington Bourbon, apricot preserves and Memphis dust.
Sip This: Lexington Bourbon – grain forward, caramel & vanilla-spice

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Brides Magazine Wedding Cocktails

BRIDES Southern California: The Best Mixologists in Los Angeles

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AZCW 2015 Meyer

Love is in the cocktail – arizona cocktail week

Date : April 2015, Tasting Panel Magazine

The Natural Mixologist, Marsha Meyer, moves toward the molecular with health-conscious and delicious cocktails.
Marsha went molecular, producing cocktails with unique infusions, fruit and spirit foams and setting things aflame while keeping it home-made, natural and organic.
“I’m all about the detox while we re-tox.”

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Tasting Panel Dec 2014 All Star Mixology

Winners of the all-star mixology competition

Date : December 2014

A stroll through the market, collecting the healthiest looking fruits & herbs.  Perhaps they sense Meyer’s passion & creativity for all things natural and local.  I thrive on creativity and passion. It’s especially true in the kitchen, where i really get to be experimental and expressive with what I love: healthy and local ingredients.

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Marsha Covenant House FINAL

charitable donations; delicious libations

Date : November 2014

The Tasting Panel and Covenant House team up once again for the All-Star Mixology Competition.
For this cocktail, I wanted to marry France with everything wonderful about California.  All of the ingredients are locally sourced and organic.

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FireShot Capture - ROYAL ROJA I Van Gogh Vodka_ - http___www.chilledmagazine.com_vango (3)

Royal roja, van gogh vodka

Date : June 2015

Van Gogh Peach Vodka, Citrus & Pomegranate create an elegant nad rich, yet fresh and vibrant cocktail.  Depth and Sophistication in a cocktail glass.

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FireShot Capture - Lexington Bourbon Winners Circle Cockta_ - http___chilledmagazine.com_drinks-de

Winners circle

Chilled Magazine

A Winners drink through and though. Lexington Bourbon, Champagne, St Germain & Lemon

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