MIXTRESS Custom Cocktails Mixers,
that are Organic, Vegan, & Gluten-Free
by Mixologist Marsha Meyer

MIXTRESS Cocktail Mixers are luxurious cocktail mixers.

They are made with Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, & non-GMO ingredients and they are full of Superfoods.

Our philosophy is that if you choose to have a cocktail, have the best one possible.
De-Tox while you Te-Tox!
Our Classic Flavors:
Lime, Lemongrass, & Ginger
This is a zesty & zingy mixer. It pairs perfectly with Vodka to create a mule like cocktails. With Tequila to replicate a fresh margarita. Add a splash to Gin and you have a quintessential gimlet. Or with Rum for a super simple daiquiri like drink. It even goes great with Whiskey for our take on a whiskey smash.
Lemon, Sour Cherry, & Rose Petals
This is fruit forward and aromatic mixer pulls at the heart strings. It pairs perfectly with Vodka to make a beautiful and elegant upgrade on a cosmo. Or add it to Tequila to create a classic tequila sour. Have it is the Rum to make your own rum punch. And a favorite is to add a dash to whiskey to make a palate changing old fashioned.
We also have Seasonal Flavors & can Customize any cocktail for you
Call 424-272-1331 or Email marsha@thenaturalmixologist.com to find out about our current specials & flavors

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MIXTRESS Cocktail Crystals
Cocktail Crystals allow you to create a customized and exciting drink, with just a sprinkle. For a professional look, you can rim your cocktail glass with the Crystals.
Classic Flavors
Mint & Basil – fresh and bright, both in flavor and color, these Crystals add a zing to your drinks.
Rose & Hibiscus – floral and tart, and rich in color, these Crystals bring a depth of flavor, color and elegance.
We also have Seasonal Flavors & can Customize crystals to match your cocktails.Learn More & Services
MIXTRESS Cocktail Perfume
Cocktail Perfumes are all edible, all natural cocktail garnishes…but with flair.
The Cocktail Perfume is sprayed across the top of your cocktail with either one or two sprays. They add a dramatic and immediate impact. Whenever one guest sees another getting a cocktail spritzed, they are immediately in there wanting a spray of their own!
Classic Aromatics
Lavender & Lemon Blossom – hand harvested lemon blossoms smell like a cross between jasmine and lemon and the soothing, familiar quality of lavender make this perfume a favorite. Use it atop a classic vodka martini for a dramatic impact, or over a cocktail with hints of citrus to bring those to the forefront.
Fireside – this perfume is warm and enticing, sensual and heady. Vanilla and cinnamon mingle with other more exotic spices.
Citrus & Ginger – fresh, bright and zesty. This perfume draws its scent from 8 different types of citrus, & two types of ginger. [/vc_column_text]Learn More & Services